Why Small Businesses are Turning to Managed Services Partners to Solve their IT Challenges

When it comes to managing the IT operations of your business, limited time and resources, as well as external factors, can negatively impact your ability to utilize new technologies and drive business growth. For most small and medium sized businesses, IT is not a core business function, but it’s a necessary part of keeping the business operational. For growing businesses seeking to drive company performance and growth, securing a strong IT investment while balancing costs can be barrier to success.

9 of 10 small business owners identify the costs of maintaining and upgrading technology as their most significant challenge.



Only 46% of small business owners feel their budget allows them access to the same technology tools as a large company.



Top IT Challenges for Small and Medium Sized Businesses:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Keeping systems up and running
  • Implementing new solutions and upgrades
  • Locating IT staff and/or skills
  • Integrating different applications
  • Finding resources to support IT infrastructure
  • Protecting against security threats
  • Providing connectivity to all employees
  • Compliance with government regulations

With an increasingly difficult regulatory environment and technology evolving at an exponential rate, more small businesses are beginning to turn to managed services as a resource for improving their businesses. Many of these businesses are now seeking specialized outside advisors to ensure their technology is being delivered cost-effectively and securely.

IT Managed Services Can Solve Your IT Challenges and Enable Business Growth

There are numerous technology challenges that must be overcome in order for small businesses to succeed long-term—and one solution is to seek out a Managed Services IT partner. For small businesses without a technology background, securing a highly capable partner that can steer you in the right direction is an ideal first step.

As small businesses continue to seek ways to cut costs, having a single service provider that can maintain a secure IT infrastructure and help them run their business more effectively is of tremendous value. This allows small business owners to focus exclusively on their core mission, and leave IT support to the professionals.


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