Top Features Small Businesses Need in a Phone System

In a connected world, it is critical for organizations to have a reliable and effective phone system.  Each business is different and has unique needs and functionality requirements, such as hosting video meetings, making calls on-the-go, accommodating remote employees and more. In the modern world, the capabilities of phone systems have come a long way, for example you can now do a ringless voicemail drops to make your work life a bit easier, transforming how organizations run and increasing collaboration and productivity. However, selecting the right voice offering can be challenging.

What are some of the top features small businesses should look for in a phone system?

1) Reliability

Businesses need a phone system that runs smoothly and seamlessly. As the connection between an organization and its clients to conduct business, as well as, between colleagues to communicate and collaborate, this essential line must always be on. You should be able to focus on operating and growing your business, not worrying about troubleshooting a faulty system.

41 percent of SMBs are concerned with keeping their technology solutions up and running.

2) Affordability

Although a phone system is essential, a solution must be cost-effective as small businesses do not have the same needs or budgets as large corporations do. An ideal system must offer the quality and functionality that an organization requires, without placing a strain on the budget. Instead, the system should provide a strong ROI for a business with a high cost saving from increased productivity and low initial cost.

63 percent of small businesses spend a quarter of their budget on technology.

3) Scalability

As mentioned above, small businesses have different requirements and needs than large organizations. An enterprise solution may not be fit for a small business’s size or requirements. That’s why a system must truly be scaled for a small business. The offering should also be flexible to easily support new employees as the company grows and changes.

4) Customization

No small business is made alike and organizations are looking for personalization and customization in their technology. Different small businesses go through different problems every day. For example, HVAC businesses may have to worry about How Much Does It Cost to Get HVAC Certified. Organizations shouldn’t have to pay for functionality they don’t need or miss out on important features they desire. Only pay for what you need.

There are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States that comprise of various industries such as health care, food service, retail, arts and entertainment and more.

The Right Technology Partner

Choosing the right phone system does not end at considering these criteria. A small business needs a technology provider that is dedicated to understanding the business’s needs and guides them in selecting the best-fit solution. The right technology partner should seamlessly implement the solution and provide ongoing services and support to ensure the solution is working for them and quickly resolve any challenges, should they arise.

At Synetra, we are your technology partner. We combine more than 30 years of firsthand expertise serving small businesses with our unparalleled technical knowledge to effectively solve your IT and communication challenges.  Our professional team supports your business by mobilizing your workforce and significantly improving your communication, so you can focus on growing your business.

Are you ready to kick start your communication? Contact Synetra today.

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