Top 10 IT Genius Inventors You May Not Know About


The word ‘inventor’ conjures up images of those who have made an indelible impact in history, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford. Can you imagine where we would be without electricity, the telephone or automobiles that play a large role in our daily lives? Many other technologies that we use every day were created by talented inventors that may not be as well-known, but are IT legends in their own right.

April is National Inventor’s Month and Synetra is excited to recognize the creativity of inventors in technology. Check out our list of geniuses who have helped shape IT with their inventions, and who have innovated ahead of their time in the tech industry.

Our goal is to acknowledge those talented, brave individuals who dared to be creative, and whose accomplishments affect every facet of our lives in IT today. IT would not be the same without their pioneering contributions. We hope that learning about these IT legends will inspire inventors of the present and future to create the next greatest innovation, with the same spirit and ingenuity of inventors of the past, but with a keen eye for the future.


Synetra’s Top 10 List of IT Geniuses


1) Douglas Engelbart

  • Inventor of the computer mouse.
  • A core influencer of many technologies that make up what we think of as modern computing.


2) Susan Kare

  • Described as the “Betsy Ross of the Personal Computer”, was the designer who helped bring the Apple computer to life with her typography and design.
  • Also worked with Microsoft on humanizing the Windows 3.0 operating system.


3) Norman Abramson

  • Inventor of ALOHAnet, the first wireless local area network to transmit data successfully using radio signals—a fundamental technological breakthrough.


4) Grace Hopper

  • Called the “Queen of Software”, a Navy Rear Admiral who helped invent the early English-language programming languages, which revolutionized computers away from binary code communications.


5) Dr. Fujio Masuoka

  • Inventor of the NAND-type 4 megabit NOR flash memory, precursor to Flash Media, the technology now used to store data in cell phones, digital cameras and USB flash drives.


6) Radia Perlman

  • Inventor of the networking innovation Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which made it possible to build massive networks using Ethernet by creating a mesh network.
  • This networking innovation had a significant impact on network switches, which has led some to call Perlman the “Mother of the Internet.”


7) Robert Metcalfe

  • Co-Inventor of the Ethernet, which allowed for more than enough bandwidth for future data-hungry technologies.


8) Marissa Mayer

  • Google’s first female engineer.
  • During her time with Google, her talents in user interface design and product vision helped Google maintain its position as a leading web, mobile and search company.


9) Tim Berners-Lee

  • Inventor of the World Wide Web, the information superhighway that we navigate through a browser.
  • Also invented the first web browser, the hypertext markup language (HTML), and the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).


10) Hedy Lamarr

  • A 1940s movie star who played a key role in the invention of spread-spectrum technology and frequency hopping.
  • Co-inventor of the technology that originally remotely controled torpedoes.
  • Her work has played a part in many modern wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).





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