Synetra Supports Technology Literacy (and Tech Fun!) in Our Community


In just a decade, today’s learners—from elementary to high school—will enter the workforce. Those who are given the opportunity to utilize technology in their learning environments today, will thrive tomorrow as digitally skilled professionals. As a modern society, we should do everything we can to prepare our young people with technology literacy so that they can thrive in the future economy. We should ensure that in our own community, all students have access to technology or IT education so that they are prepared to enter the next generation workplace. We also need to arm them with knowledge of technology and internet safety. Technology is now, more than ever, the way of the world, and we should prepare our inherently tech-savvy learners for a future of university and career possibilities, many of which will directly or indirectly involve IT.

As IT professionals, our team at Synetra has a real opportunity to be educators in our community and prepare this growing tech generation for fulfilling careers that are bound to be technology driven. Specifically, we believe in doing our part so that students who are interested in pursuing technology in their education are given opportunities to learn all of its foundations—IT, data, and security—and see it at work in their daily lives. We believe in giving students the opportunity to access the real world of IT and business so that they can visualize all the possibilities of a future career in a technology-driven world.


Synetra is motivated to give back to the young learners in our community, and this July we held our second annual Technology Camp in Dallas for students from Presidio ISD. The camp is designed to give students who are passionate about technology the opportunity to learn about IT through experiences they otherwise may not have had. The week is meant to act as a mini-internship—to spark the curiosity of students who are interested in technology, but have yet to discover all the unique and exciting ways they can pursue it as a career. “We want to help students that are passionate about technology see that many career options exist,” said Carmen Rubner, Technology Director for Presidio ISD.

At Synetra Tech Camp students learn technology basics and get to see technology implemented throughout the city and businesses of Dallas. Synetra believes that students need to start out with a solid foundation in hardware, including all the components that make computers work, with hands-on views into the complicated aspects of computer configuration. As the week progresses, students also learn about software, networking, unified communications, security, and virtualization. The camp is designed to be a well-rounded program, with fun and unique attractions and experiences that teach hand-on skills with technology and business insights. The Synetra Tech Camp also provides the students with behind-the-scenes access to cutting-edge business and technology at work in Dallas.


This year students were able to look at an enterprise grade data center at Synetra’s Southlake office, as well as discover how technology is utilized at the University of Northern Texas Engineering School – from electrical engineering to chemical engineering to software design for gaming. Later in the week the students took trips to Texas Stadium and Texas Motor Speedway to see innovative technology components in action. Finally, our partner Cisco hosted the students for an executive demo and technology tour at their Richardson location.


Douglas Coco, Director of Support at Synetra, shared his thoughts about the experience, “We want to help kids who are passionate about possibly pursuing technology as a career option. If we can light a fire or start an idea in their head, that’s amazing.” Some of the students who participated last year have gone on to pursue additional technology classes or are planning a career in technology, showing that Synetra’s program has done just that.


Synetra intends to expand this program to other Texas schools in the hopes of inspiring more students in our community to pursue careers in technology. “We are committed to Texas and our local communities. It is our goal to foster a love of technology and related careers from a young age,” said President, Chris Winter. “Our dedicated Synetra team and our world-class partners make this phenomenal experience possible.” We thank our partners that helped to make our Technology Camp a success:


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