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Technology is an essential part of education. Not only is access to the Internet necessary to learn about exciting new topics, technology also offers fresh and engaging ways to immerse students in the learning process. The national E-Rate program exists to ensure that schools can afford connectivity and students do not lose out on necessary learning experiences due to lack of funds.

Are You Eligible for E-Rate?

Do you know if your school or library is eligible? To find out, check out the “Before You Begin” page of the Universal Service Administrative Co. website to see if you are eligible and to access helpful resources.

The E-Rate program helps to provide eligible schools and libraries with technology solutions at reduced costs. Administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company under the Federal Communications Commission, the program connects qualifying organizations with certified technology vendors to provide solutions at 20-90 percent less than original costs.


What Can E-Rate Provide?

E-Rate offers two categories of solutions that eligible schools and libraries can apply for:

Category 1

  • Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Internet Access

Category 2

  • Internal Connections
  • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections
  • Managed Internal Broadband Services


As an E-Rate service provider, Synetra understands the particular needs of our education customers, including the E-Rate rules and regulations. Having participated in the E-Rate program since its inception, our team is assisting many schools and libraries with their technology acquisitions, deployments and support. Synetra is about more than simply being a technology vendor; we are a service-oriented partner, committed to supporting education and transforming student lives.

Synetra can provide schools complimentary technologies and services to ensure the network infrastructure is robust, efficient and reliable.  We can design and build an IT infrastructure that ensures your students and teachers have access to the right tools and resources to provide a dynamic learning environment.

Contact a Synetra team member to learn more about the E-Rate program, as well as our specified E-Rate services and expertise. We would be happy to answer all of your questions!



2017 E-Rate Funding Window Closes May 11th

The E-Rate program helps provide internet connectivity for eligible schools and libraries in the nation at discounted rates of up to 85%! Organizations that meet the program requirements can begin posting their bids during the General Window, from Feb. 27-May 11.  Upon certification, your request will be posted and vendors will compete for the job. Don’t miss your window of opportunity!



Did you know that E-Rate now also helps in funding fiber services?

Take advantage of the newest technology service to be funded by the E-Rate program! Fiber services can greatly improve a school’s long distance telecommunications and provide high-speed data connectivity.

Fiber Options Supported By E-Rate: 

  • New!  Self-Provisioned Network: Complete applicant ownership of a high-speed broadband network. The applicant hires a vendor to construct the network or a portion of the network, and thereafter owns and maintains that network or portion. This can also include the modulating electronics to light the fiber—all via Cat1 (which does not affect Cat2 budget of $150 per student).
  • Leased Lit Fiber: A fiber-based broadband service where the service provider owns and manages the network, and the E-Rate applicant pays a recurring fee to have data transported over the network
  • Leased Dark Fiber (including IRUs): The E-Rate applicant leases a portion of a provider-owned and maintained fiber network and separately pays to have that fiber lit in order to transmit information over that fiber.
  • Special Construction: Refers to upfront, non-recurring costs associated with the installation of new fiber to or between eligible entities. Applicants may seek funding for special construction charges in connection with leased lit fiber, leased dark fiber and self-provisioning.



Synetra Structured Cabling Group supports E-Rate initiatives.

Synetra’s SCG offers a variety of cabling solutions to fit your school or library’s network infrastructure needs. With decades of experience supporting E-Rate services through our cabling expertise, we are prepared to deliver the highest quality of work and unparalleled technical ability to support your infrastructure. Our system solutions include adding data/voice drops at your facility, Fiber Optic Backbones between IDF/MDF, IP Video Solutions, and custom applications.

Contact Synetra’s Structured Cabling Group today to learn how our experts can support your E-Rate solutions.

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