Synetra Project Management Services

Synetra Project Management is a professional service based on our unique approach that centers on thoughtful planning, careful execution and continuous change management. Effective communication is at the heart of project management success. Our project managers strive to understand all of the details and use best practice techniques to deliver projects on time and within needed constraints. We bring excellent communication and interpersonal skills to every endeavor, along with strong leadership and multitasking abilities. We oversee the scheduling, financial and communication objectives of the project to ensure your project is being managed efficiently.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the practice of using standardized best practices, process and methodologies to achieve the best possible project outcomes. Project Management enables you to:

What does it mean for Synetra customers?

It may be said that top level Synetra project management is only understood when a project comes to completion without a hitch. Now, that’s not to say that problems do not arise! They can and do and

that is precisely the need for our team. Delays and additional costs are greatly reduced with trained staff overseeing the project from the planning stage through implementation, testing and completion.

What are Project Managers responsible for?

Typically, we manage the project team members and are ultimately responsible for the project’s success or failure, based on objectives set by you, the customer. The success of the project is gauged by different clients in different ways. Some clients do not have the manpower and focus. Others do not have the expertise. Most often, it is a combination of these factors that can lead to poor results and outcomes that will have cost, time and even safety impact.

What is the cost of Project Management?

Project management is offered for new projects, as well as a stand-alone service to our customers. Each project is unique in scope and complexity. Your investment is based upon our historical experience invested in similar projects. Synetra provides alternative fee arrangements, as appropriate.
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