Synetra Structured Cabling

We offer a variety of cabling solutions to fit your network infrastructure needs.

With decades of experience and up-to-date training and certifications, Synetra offers structured cabling resources to better serve your needs.

Synetra SCG offers the expertise and experience to meet your objectives. Our system solutions include adding data/voice drops at your facility, Fiber Optic Backbones between IDF/MDF, IP Video Solutions, and custom applications.

In addition to our proven expertise, Synetra is licensed by the Private Security Bureau of the Texas Department of Public Safety, for the installation and service of Security Products such as IP video Surveillance.

Why choose Synetra for your cabling solution needs?
Through our years of experience Synetra delivers the highest quality of work and unparalleled technical ability—with certifications to keep our services at the highest level for our clients.

SCG is a standards-based, customer centered division designed to serve a variety of unique structured cabling needs. The Synetra team has the resources to facilitate low voltage, copper category cabling, fiber optic cable installation and termination, aerial and buried application, as well as a variety of wireless and other need driven deployments. In addition to existing structures, we deliver quality Cabling and Security Solutions for new construction, rebuilds and retrofits.

Our cabling solutions include:

        • Optical Fiber
        • Cat 3,Cat5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat6A
        • High Pair-Count Copper
        • Data Centers
        • Coax
        • Low Voltage Composite Cable
        • Audio/Visual Equipment

Our Expert Cabling Team

Meet Synetra’s Manager of Structure Cabling: Matt Seymore
With an expansive career in the Business Development, Quality Control and Sales/Marketing Management field of IT, Mr. Seymore brings over 15 years of experience to the Synetra Team. His familiarity in a variety of leadership roles—at Tag International, Inc., Laser Tech, Inc. and El Paso JAG, Inc.—has prepared him to lead our new Cabling Services team with innovative insight.

Meet Synetra’s Field Project Supervisor: Richard Lugo
As our overseer of all cabling-related communications, Mr. Lugo brings over 10 years of leadership experience in the tech field. He is especially well versed in Enterprise Copper and Fiber Cabling, Aerial and Buried OSP applications, Fiber Optic Cable, and High Pair-Count Copper. His time spent as a project manager for both El Paso JAG, Inc., as well as Laser Tech, Inc., has prepared him for the role of supervising all labor and design operations within the highly technical field of Structured Cabling.

Texas Private Security Board, Class B License # B01059201


Synetra Structured Cabling, with headquarters in El Paso, delivers services throughout Texas in the following regions: Dallas/Fort Worth, Midland/Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo and El Paso.

Learn more about the how our team can serve the Structured Cabling needs of your organization.

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Serving the West Texas Area

3821 Constitution Drive Ste100
El Paso, TX 79922

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

1110 E. State Hwy 114
Suite 200
Southlake, TX 76092

One Day Jobs

Learn more about our one day jobs!
From an IT closet clean-up, to trace and label mapping, to routine MAC work, Synetra’s Structured Cabling Group brings you a series of missions that can tame your cabling monsters—all in a single day.

IT Closet Cleanup

Have your communications closets become cluttered, dysfunctional and disorganized, making it hard for IT personnel to efficiently do their jobs? Synetra saves the day with comprehensive closet cleanups that will transform your communications closet from an unwieldy monster into organized peace of mind.

Cable Trace and Label
Does navigating the way through your collection of cables feel like risky guesswork? Perhaps you have inherited an unfamiliar network, or your existing network simply lacks the labeling and order that you need. Synetra saves the day with tracing and labeling that will leave you with a simple and accurate roadmap to every cable in your system.

Cable Supercharge


Has your structured cabling failed to keep pace with the growth or change in your business? Perhaps your business has scaled since your initial set-up, or your needs have simply changed. Synetra saves the day with quick, efficient moves, adds, and changes that can restore order to your operation.