Synetra Physical Security Solutions

Protect, Monitor and Record with a Plan Designed for Your Business

The importance of a physical security policy is often overlooked in favor of cyber security issues such as hacking, viruses, and spyware. However, breaches of physical security can be carried out with little or no technical knowledge.

A physical security policy utilizes physical controls to protect the premises, site, facility, building or other assets and can save your company thousands of dollars, delivering compelling ROI. Synetra provides end-to-end surveillance security support comprised of the hardware and software that best fits your environment. Synetra’s solutions effectively detect incidents and help prioritize vital information to allow for a more rapid response from your team.

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Synetra’s physical security solutions deliver:

  • Protection of your property and premises against theft, crime, and unauthorized personnel and attacks.
  • Tracking and monitoring for the security and productivity of employees, visitors, students and patients.
  • Archiving and recordkeeping that can be used for activity, history and even legal matters.

Consider physical security as an investment in your organization’s safety and future. Collaborate with Synetra security experts to develop a physical security policy— designed for the needs of your business.

Ensure a clear vision of your business—at all times—with flexible video surveillance solutions.

IP video surveillance is a key component of physical security and enables companies to have a virtual security officer 24×7. IP video technology has improved the effectiveness of video security and makes it possible to quickly and effectively configure and manage video.

Synetra’s IP Video Surveillance Solutions can provide your business flexible, scalable and customized surveillance networks—integrated seamlessly with your existing IP network for a cost-effective solution to your exact business requirements.

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Synetra Video Surveillance Security Offerings:

  • IP Security Cameras
  • Video Surveillance Manager Software
  • Video Archiving Storage
  • Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Benefits include:

  • Earlier threat detection
  • Enhanced collaboration with local law enforcement organizations
  • Faster response
  • Video storage and remote monitoring

Synetra helps businesses, like yours, assess requirements, develop security policies, and implement physical security hardware and software that best fits your environment. The threat of a physical security breach is a modern business reality for every industry.

Are you protected?

Consider physical security an investment in your organization’s future—schedule your security assessment with Synetra today.