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Synetra Network Infrastructure and Security

Comprehensive Data Protection for all Aspects of Your Business

The cornerstone of your business is a secure network on which your unique business applications can run. A solid, secure network should give you the flexibility to run your applications, foster collaboration, allow wireless interactions and give you peace of mind that all of your data is being protected 24 hours a day.

With tools and resources from Synetra, you can efficiently identify and dissolve internal and external threats through integration, collaboration and adaptation. Our network security solutions help you protect information on your applications, computers, phones, servers, network devices and mobile devices, allowing you to work worry-free.

Synetra helps businesses like yours assess their network, develop security policies and implement hardware and software that best fits your environment. Synetra offers a full suite of security solutions to organizations of all sizes and can act as a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer.


Network Security: Your First Line of Defense

Synetra Security services allow you to have peace of mind about your network by keeping your data secure and your network running at peak efficiency. In addition, Synetra offers a full range of video surveillance and physical security solutions.

Did You Know?

Our commitment to the safety of your data ensures multiple layers of security are implemented to create a secure and productive work environment. Synetra’s security offerings provide extensive coverage to keep your network safe.

      • Determine if your software and hardware are outdated or unsupported by the vendor
      • Ensure standardized, secure configurations are implemented across your entire organization
      • Discover and disable unneeded services to help secure the environment and improve resource utilization
      • Identify all critical data and systems that must be backed up to reduce downtime in the event of a disaster
      • Secure critical internal data and systems to prevent unauthorized access and keep sensitive information safe
      • Limit network privileges to ensure employees have adequate access to complete their job functions, while keeping sensitive data secure
      • Implement security policies that can ensure consistency and increase the level of security throughout the company by bringing awareness to all employees

Enhanced Security Offerings

Synetra is now offering two new advanced security solutions for your organization: Cylance, a revolutionary antivirus replacement product and Cisco Umbrella, a powerful new cloud security platform. Discover how you can achieve greater peace of mind in preventing malware, viruses and ransomware with these two powerful, new security products.

Cylance—The New Face of Next-Generation Anti-malware.

Cylance is a next-generation antivirus security software that is built using artificial intelligence. Its unique design allows it to predict known and unknown attacks, proactively prevent malware execution and exploits, and reclaim the time and resources consumed by incident response, data loss and system downtime. Cylance is a proactive solution with an unparalleled capability to improve your endpoint security, as well as easy and streamlined implementation.

Cisco Umbrella—Your First Line of Defense

Cisco Umbrella is a powerful new cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet —wherever users go. As one of the most powerful network tools available, it has a threat-centric security architecture that is much more effective for our clients working in the digital world. For those who need a more integrated approach to security, Cisco Umbrella’s unique design is perfect for improving and simplifying their security over diverse networks.

Contact Synetra to learn more about these enhanced security offerings and how you can implement them in your organization’s IT security lineup.

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Synetra offers an IT Security Assessment with complete security solutions. This helps to ensure your operations are monitored, managed and up to date – the best defense against constantly evolving security threats. Schedule your security assessment with Synetra today.