Synetra IT as a Service

Synetra offers a new way to enable your organization to maintain state-of-the-art technology and provide access to the highest levels of technical knowledge and certifications. Our dynamic IT as a Service (ITaaS) delivery model enables us to quickly and reliably respond to the changing needs of your business and to provide top notch solutions and services, all within affordable pricing structures. Count on Synetra to ensure exceptional IT, enabling your organization, business, or school to thrive.

Obtain the Best Equipment and Service at All Times.

Acquiring top-of-the-line technology does not have to be a large capital expenditure for an organization. With Synetra’s ITaaS model, we make it possible for our clients to receive the most technologically advanced equipment and solutions, along with top of the line service and support—for a monthly or yearly fixed rate package. Synetra ITaaS provides the same quality solutions and services, now tailor made to your business needs. Synetra provides its clients with the exact amount of hardware, software and support they need, in a newly transformed, customer-centered subscription.


Why use Synetra’s ITaaS model:

      • Technology is just as important as your other utilities—obtain all that you need for one monthly payment.
      • Plan for your long-term technology needs with a structured and transparent payment agreement.
      • Receive automatic equipment refreshes guaranteeing that you always have the most technologically advanced equipment.
      • Access a full help desk and our skilled, top-certified project teams.

A Delivery Model for a Strengthened IT Partnership.

As the world of IT continually revolutionizes the way services are delivered, Synetra’s unique delivery method will provide you with the IT solutions and support you need on a monthly basis with speed and flexibility. Synetra can be your IT and business partner, offering solutions that drive enterprise transformation and strategic objectives, leading to a competitive advantage for your business.

Discover the diverse benefits of ITaaS:

      • Regularly maintained state-of-the-art technology
      • Scheduled software upgrades and patches
      • Continuous monitoring of services
      • Expert technical support
      • Minimal upfront IT investment
      • Tax advantages
      • Financial transparency
      • Regular, predictable expenses
      • Scalability


With the help of Synetra and our ITaaS model, a Texas superintendent was able turn his school around and transform the educational experience for students and teachers. Providing access to virtual technology resources and utilizing new and existing equipment and tools, the District delivers consistent and challenging instructional content, across all curriculum areas, to all students.

The school called on Synetra to provide infrastructure, strategy and support. Synetra transformed their older machines into usable virtual machines, extending the life of the existing computers. In addition, Synetra’s team of experts acted as IT consultants and developed an IT plan and ITaaS model that would allow the school to implement top-of-the-line hardware and software at a monthly fee that would help the school’s budget. ITaaS transformed the way in which the school paid for and achieved great technology.