Synetra IT Services and Solutions

Optimize Your Business with a Trusted IT Partner

Synetra’s services act as a supplement to your IT department—a way to fill in the gaps of service that you may need or even be your total outsourced IT department. We offer both professional services, through which we can assist you with strategic and tactical IT projects, and managed services, through which we can supervise your entire IT operations and be the trusted advisor to manage your IT and communications systems.

We Can Solve Your Biggest Challenges

No matter who your organization serves, your customers and your staff expect superior service from your IT and communications systems, thanks to widespead advances in technology. These demands are spreading throughout every business, – whether in finance, government, healthcare, education or the public sector – and it can be tough to raise the level of your systems on your own.

At Synetra, we have the business and IT experience to build solid network infrastructures, unify your communications, protect your data and give you the power of mobility, all while keeping your unique business goals in mind. And, our partnerships with hardware and software providers like Cisco, EMC, HP, Microsoft and VMware allow us to provide you with robust solutions and consistent service.

We specialize in customizing solutions for your particular industry including, but not limited to, the following:

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