Technology: The Mark of Leading Schools

Technology can transform learning for your students and put your school heads above the rest. You know technology is a must, but it is a challenge to keep ahead of changing innovations with a district’s constrained resources and budgets. As a committed champion of education and technology, Synetra makes it possible for you to adopt the latest technology at a price you can afford.

Below are some of education’s hottest tech priorities. With Synetra, you can address them all.


With the recent pullbacks in technology funding, Texas’s schools seek new and efficient models for meeting their technology needs. Synetra’s alternative funding framework makes next-generation technology affordable for your school, and will keep your school at the leading edge of adoption in the future.


The new connected reality in education demands significant foundational infrastructure. With budgets constrained and timelines critical, today’s school must secure this infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Synetra will help your school to utilize existing computer assets to ready your infrastructure for the next generation of needs.

device-policies-iconDevice Policies

While schools recognize connected devices as a critical element in their technology mix, many have not yet decided on a district-provided or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model. Synetra will help your school determine the optimal device strategy—and ensure a seamless and secure deployment.


Internet connectivity in schools presents unique security challenges. From impenetrable network security to gated student browsing permissions, Synetra understands the delicate security needs of the academic environment and can achieve a flexible and secure network framework.


Desktops, laptops and other devices can unlock new methods of learning, but IT innovation in schools goes even further. Synetra will help your school secure its network essentials to support next generation techniques including flipped learning, gamification and individualized learning.

How does your technology measure up?

Schedule an assessment with one of Synetra’s Education Experts to receive your Technology Report Card and find out where your school is on the technology curve.