Synetra Structured Cabling Group Expands to Dallas

Beginning February 1, Synetra will offer its Structured Cabling Group services throughout the Dallas region!

Due to an increase in demand, Synetra will expand its business services in order to provide its unique structured cabling solutions in the broader Texas community, while continuing our exceptional level of customer service.

Synetra Structured Cabling Group (SCG) consistently delivers flexible and scalable cabling solutions with exceptional technical ability and superior customer service. We offer solutions in both renovation and new construction, as well as detailed wiring diagrams for continued ease of use. Our team works closely with our clients on comprehensive wiring plans to ensure compliance and enable simplified network changes in the future. Synetra SCG facilitates a variety of unique structured cabling needs, including:

• Low voltage, copper category cabling
• Fiber optic cable installation and termination
• Aerial and buried application
• Wireless and other need-driven deployments
• Quality cabling and security solutions for existing structures, new construction, rebuilds and retrofits
• Comprehensive post-project wiring diagrams

Synetra SCG Ensures Quality and Compliance.

Did you know that cabling is the longest life cycle component of your entire network? The Dallas expansion of the Structured Cabling Group comes at a crucial time as compliance and liability within the cabling industry are as important as ever. A standards-compliant cabling system can “future proof” your network and guarantee future application support, ensuring that your investment will continue to serve you for the full extent of its life cycle. In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, tested and administered. Our team is fully equipped to bring our customers the information and support they need for stringent quality control and long-lasting quality construction. The Synetra team will ensure that you are investing in the highest quality cabling and connectivity hardware for longevity and easy upgrades in the future. Synetra SCG is the network cable installation team you can trust with any major project!

Get Your Cabling in Order Today!

We look forward to solving your cabling challenges. Try a ‘one day job’ such an IT closet clean-up or cable trace and labeling! Click here to read more about our cabling services.

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IT Resolutions for 2017

Take Charge of Your IT in 2017

With the start of the New Year, it’s time to look forward to all of the possibilities in 2017! Are there IT initiatives on your mind that you keep putting off? Now is the time to take charge. With Synetra’s portfolio of IT and communication services, we can help you complete your 2017 New Year’s IT Resolutions!

Structured Cabling: Take care of your disorganized cabling monsters once and for all. With Synetra, it’s easy and many cabling clean-up projects can be done in just one day! Our certified structured cabling group can handle any cabling issue and installs and maintains the solution to give you peace of mind. Synetra can handle unique cases including fiber optic cabling, wireless deployments and surveillance to meet your business needs. Due to increasing demand, we are proud to announce that in early February, we will offer a Structured Cabling Group in Dallas. We look forward to helping more clients in the Dallas area!

Project Management: Do you have a daunting upcoming project and you don’t know where to start? Synetra’s years of expertise and proven best practices will help manage your project and ensure that you reach your goals and timelines—from implementation to completion. Synetra’s project management solution manages risks and mitigates additional costs for a seamless experience.

Managed Services: Are there other areas that you would like to focus on, but managing your IT solutions has become a hassle? Trust the experts! SynetraCare Security encompasses remote IT monitoring and alerting, managed offsite backup and storage to ensure your IT is running smoothly and that your data is safe.

Voice and Video: You have been meaning to add features such as video and collaboration to your workplace, but feel overwhelmed. Synetra’s Cisco Spark solution elevates your workplace and makes communication and collaboration easy and fun! Host video meetings in the office or on-the-go, send messages to team members and collaborate on projects, all while reducing demand on IT resources. It’s a win-win for you and your team!

Data Backup and Recovery: Your business data is confidential and valuable and must be kept private and secure. Synetra’s data protection includes enterprise-level backup software and end-to-end security to make sure your information is protected. You pay for the amount of data that you want to be stored offsite, saving you money.

Network Infrastructure and Security: Is your network security up to par? Synetra’s infrastructure and security services evaluate vulnerabilities in your network. From there, Synetra provides innovative hardware and software solutions to protect your network, so you can get back to business without any worries.

Now that you know about how simple it is to achieve your IT goals, don’t forget to conduct a network assessment! Assessments find any areas that are threatened and even predict problems that could happen in the future. Assessments are powerful reports to gain visibility and control in your network.

We wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! Contact Synetra today to learn more about our services to help your reach your IT goals. Make 2017 your year!

Online Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season


Online Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

As the holiday season is upon us, many are on the search to find the perfect gifts for families and friends. Instead of only shopping at brick and mortar stores, consumers are increasingly purchasing items from the comfort of their own homes.

On Cyber Monday, Americans spent $3.45 billion on online shopping, surpassing this year’s Black Friday sales by more than $100 million.

Below are a few tips to be a savvy online shopper and avoid identity theft.

    • Use Only Trusted Websites
      Look for “HTTPS” in the URL to make sure the website is safe and shop from trusted, legitimate brands.
    • Create a Strong Password
      Using a simple password is easier for hackers to find. Make sure to use a longer password with a combination of symbols and numbers.
    • Don’t Use Public WiFi
      Entering personal information, such as credit card numbers, is dangerous as this information is easily stolen.
    • Use a Personal Computer
      Relax and shop at home! Public computers can store passwords in the cache, giving your information to others.
    • Only Use Secure Sites
      Secure sites will have a security seal to indicate it is safe to shop.

Now that you are shopping safely at home, we want to make sure your business is secure as well.

At Synetra, we look after you and make sure that your business is secure. Our Managed Service offerings include Remote IT Monitoring and Alerting, Contract Based IT Maintenance and Managed Offsite Backup and Storage to ensure that your technology is running smoothly. Our solutions are designed for your unique business needs.


Happy Holidays and safe shopping!


Network Assessments: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

netassessment-longA network assessment is a definitive way to identify the challenges and risks at work in your business’s network. Through a comprehensive network assessment, you can accommodate for future growth, support the roll-out of new applications and meet security objectives.

Ask yourself: Do you know everything there is to know about your network, including where your vulnerabilities lie? What is your exposure to various security threats? Are mission-critical business processes running on vulnerable servers?

Networks are vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses and malware that can cause them to become crippled or that can compromise sensitive information. Threats can also come in the form of outdated technology that no longer works as it should.

Why Network Insight is a Business Priority

Proactive and periodic network assessments are an essential process to ensure your business is prepared. Business infrastructure changes over time, possibly opening it up to new vulnerabilities. And new methods of attack are invented daily, so what was secure yesterday may not be secure today. Periodically assessing your IT security is an important part of your organization’s preventive maintenance plan.

This is why businesses large and small should have a periodic IT network assessment conducted. This assessment can help you identify areas where your network is vulnerable and will suggest concrete steps you can take to make your network and data safer.

A Lack of Insight Can Lead to Threats in Your Network

  • Virus infection of company desktops and servers can lead to a loss of data or disclosure of information.
  • Distribution or installation of malware can lead to company machines being overridden.
  • Loss or modification of information can lead to potential corrupted client or company databases.
  • Service attacks can result in the unavailability of the company network and or websites, leading to a potential loss of revenue and company reputation.

To Protect Your Business—Start with Your Network!

Protect the proprietary data on your network by taking advantage of Synetra’s internal network vulnerability assessment, which identifies weaknesses in your environment and facilities remediation. Even if you are not currently experiencing problems with your IT network, an assessment can identify areas where problems could arise in the future. This can help you proactively address concerns before they become widespread problems.

An IT network assessment can also help you establish a baseline so you know how your network normally performs.

Synetra’s IT assessments provide the knowledge necessary to identify issues and map strategic solutions. Our network checkup will unify your internal IT personnel around a foundation of shared knowledge that facilitates more efficient troubleshooting in the future. Our assessments can help you identify areas where your network is vulnerable and will suggest concrete steps you can take to make your network and data safer.

The Benefits of an Assessment

  • Detect vulnerabilities in your network—from misconfigured firewalls and data leaks.
  • Review your mobile operations and corporate policy for risks.
  • Identify software and hardware challenges and opportunities existing in your operations.
  • Obtain a comprehensive security evaluation.
  • Ensure that the patching and configuration of infrastructure is practiced correctly.
  • Locate and identify any potential security risks.
  • Validate the effectiveness of any preventative security measures that are in place.
  • Verify that servers and workstations are configured to security best practices.
  • Protect intellectual property (IP) by reducing the risk from a real and successful attack.
  • Provide evidence that regular security assessments are performed.

HIPAA Security Assessment

In addition to network assessments, Synetra provides HIPAA security assessments for healthcare organizations. Patient information is confidential and of vital importance to protect. Do you know if your patient records are secure? The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning in 2014 that the biggest vulnerability to patient data is that IT healthcare professionals believe their defense and compliance strategies are up to par, yet, often times, the methods are not as effective as they think. In order to truly gain insights into the protection of patient records, a HIPAA security assessment must be conducted.

The Synetra HIPAA IT Compliance Module is a structured and systematic approach that automates network data collection and offers a risk analysis and management plan to detect problems and offer solutions.

Safeguard Your Business’ Future Today

Synetra IT Assessments proactively provide a new perspective on your network, uncovering network unknowns, identifying potential issues or risks and providing value added insight for the best possible optimization. Synetra HIPAA Security Assessments uncover many security risks and offer a management plan to keep patient data protected.  Contact us to learn more today.

Unify Compute, Storage, and Networking with Cisco HyperFlex™ Systems


Cisco HyperFlex™ Systems combine computing, storage and networking into a simplified, easy-to-use platform. HyperFlex unlocks the full potential of Hyperconverged Infrastructure to deliver innovative solutions. A hyperconverged infrastructure system utilizes software-centric architecture that integrates computer, storage, networking, virtualization resources and advanced technologies into a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.

The unique system design enables the flexibility to extend benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases. By delivering new levels of operational efficiency and adaptability to more workloads and applications, HyperFlex brings the agility, scalability and pay-as-you-grow economics of cloud to on-premise infrastructure.

With its simplicity of use and easy configuration, Cisco HyperFlex has revolutionized hyperconverged infrastructure.

  • Complete Hyperconvergence: Unify the fabric network and compute technology with a next-generation data platform.
  • Flexible Scaling: Scale compute, capacity and cache independently in HyperFlex clusters to rapidly adapt to changing business needs.
  • Continuous Data Optimization: Increase capacity use without compromising performance with HyperFlex inline data deduplication and compression.
  • Emerging Applications: Supports today’s enterprise applications and new, cloud-native workloads with HyperFlex HX Data Platform Software.

Cisco HyperFlex represents the next step in the evolution of IT resource delivery, providing an end-to-end solution that helps businesses move faster and more efficiently. Keep your data optimized and your infrastructure aligned with application requirements.  Contact Synetra today to elevate your infrastructure to the next level with Cisco HyperFlex.

Synetra Technology Supports Health Education in West Texas Rural Communities


The Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing (GGHSON) at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) has received a $430,780 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide long-distance health education to underserved communities in rural West Texas.

The grant will fund free health education services via interactive, live video conferencing for 10 West Texas communities. The target communities include Hudspeth, Presidio, Yoakum and El Paso counties, all of which have been labeled StrikeForce counties by the USDA — rural U.S. counties plagued by persistently high poverty rates. In addition to staggering poverty rates, these communities face low levels of educational advancement. Only 2.6 percent of Hudspeth’s residents and 10.9 percent of Presidio’s hold a bachelor’s degree.

With Synetra’s video communication solutions, the Gayle Greye Hunt School of Nursing will be able to open the door to health education for West Texas residents. While the program focuses primarily on elementary through high school students, education courses may be extended to the broader community, including parents and senior citizens. The project’s first step will be to determine the unique health education needs of each site.

In partnership with University Medical Center (UMC), GGHSON will also provide Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) courses to nurses in rural hospitals and medical centers. They will utilize Synetra’s video communications solutions to cut down on travel needed for nurses in rural communities to attend these required courses.

The GGHSON team hopes the health education project will ultimately improve the health of West Texas’ rural communities. The team also hopes to inspire young students to consider careers in health care. Synetra is proud to be able to contribute to a project that will directly impact people who need health education the most.

Introducing Our New Referral Program: Synetra Connect


At Synetra we work hard to provide our customers with the very best custom IT solutions and services. We have served Texas and the surrounding areas for over 30 years and have grown from a small family business into a leading IT firm and an engaged business partner in our community. We understand that much of our growth and expansion throughout our great state is due to the unique and loyal relationships we’ve maintained with our clients—some lasting over 30 years! Because of our prosperous business partnerships, Synetra has been able to continue to expand our IT service offerings and continually offer the latest IT products and management innovations to our clients. Synetra values the fact that many of our new business prospects come directly from the word-of-mouth referrals of our satisfied customers. Today, we are looking to show our appreciation for that loyalty.

SYNETRA CONNECT—a New Way of Saying ‘Thank You’

Our team at Synetra knows that our success is directly tied to our loyal customers and trusted partners. It is your support that helps us to continue to grow. Today, we want to say THANK YOU to the customers who help us create new connections and partnerships every day! SYNETRA CONNECT is a program that helps us to show our appreciation for the referral effort of our most loyal customers.

How It Works

All current and prospective clients are welcome and encouraged to participate in SYNETRA CONNECT—our referral program that rewards successful new business relationships. Refer your associates and friends to Synetra today and you could win a $200 Gift Card! Contact your Account Manager or visit and share the SYNETRA CONNECTION today!

Physical Security – Vital to the Healthcare Facilities in Our Community


Are hospitals and healthcare providers properly protecting their patients, hospital staff and the public? As healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide variety of security threats. It is essential that healthcare facilities have a comprehensive, up-to-date physical security plan in place to cover integrated security and facility response solutions.

Healthcare Security Issues Today

For healthcare facilities providing care 24/7/365, security is a risk-based and incident driven necessity – security departments are increasingly challenged to provide a safe and secure environment for their patients, visitors, staff and assets.

Did You Know?

  • Medication theft alone costs the industry millions of dollars a year and can lead to deadly drug shortages.
  • The general rate of disorderly conduct in hospitals is on the rise and increased 40% in the last  year.
  • In the last year, the violent crime rate in healthcare facilities went up 25%.

For many, it might be surprising to learn that healthcare facilities are extremely common targets of theft, crime, violence and other incidents. Hospital employees are often subjected to physical threats and assault from patients and visitors, making a comprehensive physical security plan a must-have.

For hospitals and healthcare facilities physical security has become a necessary tool to increase security and mitigate liability. Video surveillance is a vital part of any physical security plan. It can provide earlier situational awareness to help officials plan a response to any incident, help prevent crime and monitor visitors and patients.

The Right Security Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Synetra collaborates with hospital systems and healthcare facilities to develop physical security policies designed specifically for the needs of the healthcare environment. Our comprehensive Video Surveillance Security offerings include IP Security Cameras, Video Surveillance Management, Storage and Monitoring. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can be tied together with an existing IP network, making this type of system cost-effective and seamless to implement.

Benefits Include:

  • Earlier threat detection
  • Enhanced collaboration with local law enforcement organizations
  • Faster response
  • Video storage and remote monitoring

Synetra helps businesses, like yours, assess requirements, develop security policies, and implement physical security hardware and software that best fits your environment. Synetra provides best-in-class support and helps protect against threats to your operation.

Synetra Cabling Group (SCG) will professionally wire and install your system!

The threat of a security breach is a growing threat for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Is your organization protected?

Schedule a security assessment with Synetra today.

2016 Synetra Security Survey


Contribute to the Security Industry’s Knowledge Base with the 2016 Annual Synetra Security Survey

Across all industries, companies must stay vigilant against the risk of a security breach. Many companies believe that security attacks are only focused on organizations like big businesses or national banks, unfortunately for smaller businesses that is not always the case. 41% of breaches are targeted at companies with less than 500 employees.

One breach is all it takes to seriously damage a thriving business of any size. 100% of organizations infected with viruses are communicating with sites hosting malicious activity. In order to avoid these damaging breaches it is vital to stay up to date on industry best practices and potential missteps.

Synetra has worked with a diverse set of businesses for over 30 years solving IT and security challenges. With our years of experience and industry expertise Synetra has developed a comprehensive security survey. The information we receive from this survey will be calculated into our Security Industry Report, which will share insights on top security concerns from technology executives across all industries and solutions. Through this process we will learn more about the novel challenges companies are faced with in this increasingly risky digital era, and will be able to develop strategic actions that best manage security for every business we work with.

Synetra is looking for participants to take our short Security Survey today. Those who participate will receive their very own copy of our Industry Report to keep you up to date on all the challenges companies across the industry are faced with, to help better prepare yourselves for potential threats to your business. As an added bonus Synetra will also award a lucky survey contributor a $200 gift card!

You can help contribute to industry-wide knowledge about security, learn more about potential security threats, and be entered to win $200. Click here to take the survey now!

What is Security Worth to You?


Does your head spin from the notion of “risk” in your IT network? Do you feel your aging or disjointed systems are more and more vulnerable each day? Do you wonder where and when something might happen?

Unfortunately too many companies don’t feel they are at risk and those that do, don’t act. That’s why, on average, most attacks aren’t known for 10 months! That’s a long time to have a malicious intruder share your desk, potentially touching everything that you can. Where’s the Purell™??

Risk varies widely across the industries we serve. We suggest that companies think about security implications with each upgrade—whether it’s a new cell phone (and what happens to the old one and its access) or a full storage solution. For some, the greatest risk is to their intellectual property, for others it is the customer base, and still others it is uptime or securing information and key privileged accounts with employee transition. Nearly all of our discussions with customers and partners include equipment, solutions and devices that can create risk, whether remote, portable, stationary, in primary use or out of use yet still “plugged in”.

Most companies simply don’t know what to look for or how to best arm themselves. What’s more, insurance companies are taking notice and will continue to add tighter controls. Synetra feels your pain. Our assessment, remediation and security architecting is in high demand and we work harder each day to bring you solutions. Solutions to help you manage risk—those assets and activities most important to your business. Cybercrime is a growing concern for business of every industry. At Synetra our professionals challenge themselves every day to ensure they are up-to-date on cybercrime management best practices in several areas, including advanced persistent threats, threat intelligence and unified threat management.

Constantly Searching for New Solutions to Protect Your Business

Fortunately, there is great genius in innovative tools to protect you and minimize risk. We are constantly searching for new solutions at Synetra and we test in house to help our customers manage risk and feel secure. Currently, we are exploring algorithm based tools with advanced virus detection requiring far fewer “updates” and greater flexibility in capturing existing and emerging new threats. In addition, we offer our customers SynetraCare Security—our most comprehensive service offering to keep your company’s data safe and secure. Through this managed service, Synetra keeps you apprised of the latest security news, vulnerabilities, and exploits and recommends solutions to increase your information security.

Protect Your Business with a Security Assessment

The tools and techniques of advanced cyber security threats are constantly evolving, putting pressure on organizations to regularly review and enhance their security posture and defense readiness.

To truly protect your hypothetical ‘digital estate’ from external threats, consider conducting a full assessment of the security infrastructure you currently have in place; the monitoring you have for the early detection of threats, the proactive steps your business can take to deter attackers in the first place and the tools you have at your disposal to react and neutralize threats.

Synetra offers IT Assessments that proactively provide a new perspective on your network, uncovering and identifying potential issues or risks, and providing value added insight for the best possible optimization. With an IT Assessment, Synetra can also assess your network’s current compliance and security measures. Synetra pairs an IT Assessment with a complete security solution. This helps to ensure your operations are monitored, managed and up-to-date – the best defense against constantly evolving security threats. A complete information security assessment from Synetra will help your business ensure best practices are in place.

Protect Your Business—contact Synetra to schedule an IT assessment today!