The Growth and Future of Voice

Hosted VoIPOver the past few decades there have been massive shifts in many different areas of the technology sector. Storage has gone from tape to disk to solid and now to virtual, with obvious benefits along each step of the way. And as the technology has improved, the overall user experience has as well, with more attention being paid to design and accessibility.

One of the biggest changes right now is happening in the world of voice technology. A few years ago Voice over IP (VoIP) wasn’t much more than a novelty, but now even the traditional telecom companies are offering VoIP as their primary service. The lower cost, ease of maintenance, and simplified infrastructure requirements have brought higher quality, friendlier use and more advanced features to what used to be just a simple phone.

For the commercial user, VoIP technology has opened the door for Unified Communications, which when delivered via the cloud, has tremendous benefits for all levels of business, including:

    • Flexibility and Scalability:  For businesses with multiple locations, telecommuters, or mobile workers, hosted UC offers a simple means of keeping all workers united on a single system, with no complications when it comes time to add additional users or locations.
    • Customizable features: With UC you can get whatever features you need without paying for what you don’t need. A la carte pricing and customizable software makes what was either impossible or prohibitively expensive 10 years ago a simple, affordable option today.
    • Simplified Integration:  When any system is onsite, trying to integrate new technology and legacy equipment creates problems and headaches. With hosted VoIP, a seamless infrastructure is maintained offsite, keeping complications far away from interrupting your productivity.

Have you added a hosted voice system to your business? What benefits have you seen?

What are the Most Important Benefits of a Mobile Solution for You?

More and more companies are adopting BYOD solutions, virtualized workspaces, and cloud based apps for collaboration. All of these developments are centered on the mobile devices that are becoming more and more present and necessary everywhere we look.

If your office has already made the move to mobile friendly solutions, what are the key benefits that you’ve already seen? How has it helped, what progress has it enabled?

We’ve listed a few benefits on our website, and we’ll list them again here. What would you add?

  • The freedom to extend your business and grow in size without adding more wires or restructuring your network.
  • The ability to access data in real-time and respond to customer requests or business issues immediately, giving you a substantial competitive edge.
  • Business security that allows you to verify data at the point of activity and prevent potential crises with real-time access to customers and data.

Synetra can help you get SMART

Synetra has recently added SMART Technologies as one of our strategic partners. Leaders in the field of innovative interactive displays for over 20 years, we are very excited to implement their products in schools, conference rooms, and work spaces throughout our region.

Check out these videos for the new SMART Table®442i and the Smart Room System™ and start imagining how you could take advantage of this technology!

How to Respond to the Big Data Boom

In 1993, a computer with cutting edge capabilities sported a 100MB hard drive and a processor that “blazed” at 33 MHz. 20 years later most phones are more powerful and speaking of storage in terms of petabytes barely raises an eyebrow.  According to IBM, 90% of the amount of data that exists has been created in the last 2 years. Big data is here and learning to take advantage of the potential will be one of the most significant success factors across all industries in the coming years.

It’s important to keep in mind that big data is just a buzzword, a quick phrase meant to remind us that we have more information available to us today than we are currently able to process. If big data is anything, it’s an engineering problem. Every day we look at information, we see trends, we make decisions. Big data is the same thing, just more. More information, more trends, more decisions. The struggle is finding a computing solution that can store and process the immensity of available data. As evidenced in 2011’s Jeopardy showdown between Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and IBM’s Watson, the computing power has made great strides and it’s time to figure out how to harness it.

Finally, making the decision to pursue big data means nothing if you aren’t prepared to act on it. The proper analysis of good information will provide solid indicators of the best steps to take for any organization. Sometimes the results of big data will be positive and cheerful, but they are just as likely to be harsh and unforgiving. Having the right people in place to understand the results and then incorporate the changes into the day to day operations is the lasting metric for how successful the investment in big data will be.

If you’re ready to start exploring how you will be involved in big data, contact Synetra today. Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to help you determine what your needs are and how to move forward.

The Modern Security Dilemma

When one of the world’s largest computer security firms can’t keep itself safe, it might be time to reevaluate what is considered sufficient in terms of network security.

Back in January, the New York Times revealed that a group of hackers had been attacking them for 4 months. In early February, Symantec (who happens to be the security firm of record for the New York Times) also revealed that they had been the victims of a security breach. This might be the most striking modern example of the old proverb “Physician, Heal Thyself” but more importantly, it’s a wakeup call to the rest of us.

If your data is important to you, the most advanced software isn’t going to be enough. Even Symantec has admitted as much. The battle between malicious hackers and traditional data security will turn into a technological arms race, each side one upping the other again and again, and passing the cost on to the consumer. While security companies might respond with bigger and better versions of their current offerings, Synetra proposes something different: Devote more of your resources to recovery and loss mitigation.

Hosted back-up and network monitoring will help provide you with a greater peace of mind that your data is secure. By actively monitoring your systems, Synetra will be aware of security breaches early, and take steps to minimize the damages. With a hosted back-up, your business will be as good as new once the situation is under control.

Remember, we aren’t promising to keep you safe from all intrusions, but as the world is learning, no one can deliver on that promise. What Synetra can offer you is a quick recovery and a proactive response, which will be useful no matter what the future holds.

New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2013! It’s a New Year, and while Synetra isn’t going to drive you to the gym or find you a local charity looking for volunteers, there are ways we can help you make and keep your resolutions. With Synetra’s help, you can take care of these New Year’s resolutions by choosing a Unified Computing System (UCS). Reduce stress, get organized, save money, and spend more time with family and friends. Read more

Adding Value to The City of Richardson IT

After planning for almost two years, The City of Richardson chose to work with Synetra’s Account Manager, Jeff Ramey and industry leader Cisco to upgrade and improve their IT infrastructure.

Steve Grave’s, CIO, for the the City of Richardson discusses the positive experience and value added to his department here:

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