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Is Your Security Plan Ignoring a Fundamental Threat?

Physical security is one aspect of security that can often be overlooked in favor of other complex threats like data and cyber security. While things like a Wave Alarm can help you in matters of emergency, many people are still not taking physical security seriously enough. The importance of things such as security cameras and […]

Synetra Supports Technology Literacy (and Tech Fun!) in Our Community

In just a decade, today’s learners—from elementary to high school—will enter the workforce. Those who are given the opportunity to utilize technology in their learning environments today, will thrive tomorrow as digitally skilled professionals. As a modern society, we should do everything we can to prepare our young people with technology literacy so that they […]

Managed Services That Enable You to Focus on Your Business

Today, managing your IT operation is more challenging than ever. With new technologies and platforms appearing almost daily, it takes many resources and continual education to support your IT infrastructure – particularly in the areas of security, maintenance and data protection. In addition, companies are consistently trying to manage loss or change over in staff, […]

The Value of an IT Checkup

There are many checkups we make sure to get – our health, our homes, even our cars. But when was the last time you checked your network – a cornerstone of your business? Ask yourself: Do you know everything there is to know about your network, including where your vulnerabilities lie? How many active directory […]

Senate Bill 507

School is out for the summer! The kids may go home but for school districts all over Texas, summer is when the IT work starts and recent requirements mandated by Texas Senate Bill 507 have the potential to add a little more to your IT departments’ summer workload. According to Senate Bill 507, all Texas […]

Summer Cabling Projects

Send your cabling monsters on a permanent vacation this summer! Now is the perfect time to assess your IT needs and implement cabling cleanups and upgrades. These slow summer months have more empty offices and more flexible schedules so call Synetra Structured Cabling Group for any cabling needs. From an IT closet clean-up, to trace […]

What Does Downtime Cost Your Organization?

Few would argue that regular, automated backups and effective recovery processes are a must-have for the modern enterprise. Yet many organizations continue without routinely backing up their data—often waiting until a harmful data loss has occurred to take action. Perhaps organizations would more proactively adopt a backup and recovery solution if they were able to […]

In the Event of Critical Data Loss, Could Your Organization Recover?

A decade ago, business-critical data protection was a vertical phenomenon reserved for large enterprises in select sectors. Since that time, the use of data for strategic decision-making has continued to become more and more pervasive, spreading its reach to organizations of every sector and size. Yet research indicates that data backup and recovery adoption has […]

Synetra Managed Services – Manage Better

Today, managing your IT operation is more challenging than ever. Along with their exciting potential to increase productivity and efficiency, transformative forces like cloud, big data and mobile technologies have introduced new support requirements, particularly in the areas of security, maintenance and data protection. For organizations across sectors, strategic use of IT and helping you […]

Synetra Structured Cabling – All In A Day’s Work

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but when it comes to structured cabling, a lot can be accomplished in a day’s time. From an IT closet clean-up, to trace and label mapping, to routine MAC work, Synetra’s Structured Cabling Group brings you a series of missions that can tame your cabling monsters—all in a single […]