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Top Features Small Businesses Need in a Phone System

In a connected world, it is critical for organizations to have a reliable and effective phone system.  Each business is different and has unique needs and functionality requirements, such as hosting video meetings, making calls on-the-go, accommodating remote employees and more. In the modern world, the capabilities of phone systems have come a long way, […]

Delivering Innovative Classroom Technology

We believe that cutting-edge technology can transform learning for students. Teachers are at the forefront of integrating technology into their curriculum to create enriching learning experiences for students. In honor of Teachers Appreciation Week, we want to commend teachers’ commitment to making technology a prominent part of their students’ lives, truly preparing them for their […]

Top 10 IT Genius Inventors You May Not Know About

  The word ‘inventor’ conjures up images of those who have made an indelible impact in history, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford. Can you imagine where we would be without electricity, the telephone or automobiles that play a large role in our daily lives? Many other technologies that we use […]

Synetra: A Proud E-Rate Provider for Over 20 Years

Technology is an essential part of education. Not only is access to the Internet necessary to learn about exciting new topics, technology also offers fresh and engaging ways to immerse students in the learning process. The national E-Rate program exists to ensure that schools can afford connectivity and students do not lose out on necessary […]

Today is World Backup Day… Safeguard Your Data

World Backup Day offers a chance to acknowledge the increasing role that data plays in our lives and the importance of regular backups to protect our precious data. This independent initiative is meant to raise awareness about backups and data preservation in an increasingly digital world. We would like to motivate you to back up […]

Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning with a Cabling Upgrade!

With the official start of spring, now is the perfect time to assess your IT needs and to launch a cabling cleanup or upgrade. From an IT closet clean-up, to trace and label mapping, to routine MAC work, Synetra’s Structured Cabling Group has caught spring fever and is ready to take on your cabling needs! […]

6 Tips to Prevent Ransomware

It is almost impossible to read the news lately without seeing an article about Ransomware or another malware threat wreaking havoc in businesses, hospitals, banks or schools. By some estimates, 2016 saw a 300% increase in the number Ransomware attacks with an average of 4,000 infections a day. In addition, a recent survey by Osterman […]

Ready Your IT Arsenal with the Latest Security Offerings

Our security team has been busy testing new products to deliver advanced security options for your organization, and beginning this month we will unveil our two newest offerings: Cylance, a revolutionary antivirus replacement product and Cisco Umbrella, a powerful new cloud security platform. Discover how you can achieve greater peace of mind in preventing malware, […]

Why Your Business Deserves the Very Best in Collaboration Technology

Cloud-based business services such as Cisco Spark are setting the new standard in collaboration. Collaboration in the workplace is nothing new. However, it is becoming increasingly important in the modern world as businesses both large and small have become more connected around the world and in their day-to-day business activities. As businesses are challenged to […]