Synetra Structured Cabling Group Expands to Dallas

DALLAS, TX – January 25, 2017 – Synetra, a leading provider of IT and communication solutions across Texas, has announced a new business expansion of their Structured Cabling Group services in the Dallas region. In response to an increase in demand, the expansion will enable the cabling group to better serve businesses throughout the Dallas community and across various industries.

“Synetra looks forward to serving more members of the Dallas community and solving their cabling challenges,” Synetra President Chris Winter said. “We deliver top of the line structured cabling solutions and support with incredible customer service.” This expansion will provide the group with the resources necessary to solve unique cabling needs, as well as deliver a multitude of other technology solutions.

Structured Cabling Manager Matt Seymore is eager to get to work and serve new clients in the Dallas area. “We are excited to provide quality solutions and flexible implementations to our clients of all industries,” Seymore said. “We are cabling experts and provide our clients unparalleled access to excellence in design, installation and maintenance of structured network cable infrastructure.”

The Structured Cabling Group began in Synetra’s West Texas locations and has served clients in education, healthcare, business services and more. In addition to full cable network design and installations, the Synetra Structured Cabling Group offers ‘one day jobs’ such an IT closet clean-up or cable trace and labeling, to help businesses get their cabling in order. The Synetra team will also offer solutions in both renovation and new construction, providing comprehensive wiring plans in order to ensure customer compliance and to enable simplified network changes in the future. Synetra is licensed by the Private Security Bureau of the Texas Department of Public Safety for the installation and service of security products such as IP video surveillance.

Each member of the team brings years of expertise and skills, and with more than fifteen years of experience himself, Seymore is confident in his team’s ability to make a difference in Dallas. “We harness our years of experience in the field and advanced training from our rigorous BICSI certifications to provide our clients the best in cabling. I know the team will provide best in class services to new customers in Dallas as we have in West Texas.”

For more information, contact:

Matt Seymore
Structured Cabling Manager

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