Synetra Helps Sonora Bank Tap Into Big Bank Benefits at a Fraction of the Cost with Cloud-Based Communication Technology

DALLAS, TX – April 29, 2016 – Synetra, premier provider of IT and communications solutions across Texas and New Mexico, supported Sonora Bank in meeting its unique business challenges with a best-of-breed cloud-based solution for video conferencing and telepresence.

The solution, which combines leading technologies from both Cisco and TeleSpace, was designed to meet a number of Sonora’s specific business goals, including improving employee communications, developing tighter relationships between widely dispersed branches, and reducing the costs associated with inter-branch travel—all within the bank’s budget.

Determined to deploy a solution that mitigated upfront costs and ongoing demands for maintenance without sacrificing sophistication, Synetra worked to design a cloud-based solution that leverages Cisco TelePresence SX Series video-conferencing hardware with Cisco TelePresence as a Service (TaaS).

Harnessing the benefits of cloud to meet Sonora’s budgetary constraints, the lean and cost effective solution was deployed quickly and seamlessly. As a result, Sonora is able to save thousands of dollars each month on travel costs, host branch-wide meetings and most importantly, strengthen the relationships between its executives and officers.

Hans Mensch, Technology Manager at Sonora Bank, spoke to the long-term benefits of the solution, saying, “We have branches in different areas of the state, and they were all working independently. If each branch had continued to isolate itself, then we wouldn’t have operated as a unified bank with a singular vision. Video conferencing prevented that by helping our executives develop closer relationships.”

As for Synetra, the organization views its work with Sonora as one example of its ongoing commitment to solve challenges for businesses of all sizes through the strategic use of technology.

C.B. Notley Jr., Sr. Account Manager at Synetra, said of Synetra’s commitment to solving business challenges, “We understand that what may work for a customer with 10,000 employees won’t work for a customer with 25-100+ employees. The right technology is able to transform businesses of any size. It’s just a matter of understanding each customer’s unique challenges and identifying the solution that will work best for them.”

Download the Sonora Bank case study.

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