System Engineer – Level II


The Level II Systems Engineer position’s primary responsibility is to provide second level support to Synetra clients and provide overflow resources for level I support. Additionally this position will perform routine network systems maintenance, advanced infrastructure management and troubleshooting.
Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Support Queue

  • Accept escalations from the Level 1 support queue
  • Create support cases
  • Provide overflow assistance to Level 1 support queue
  • Answer escalated and overflow support calls in a timely manner
  • Remotely assist clients with support needs
  • Clearly communicate status on problems as well as resolution
  • Exceed SLA guarantees to Synetra clients
  • Update the customer on case status at frequent intervals
  • Clearly document all tasks
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction


  • Provide mentorship to Level 1 support personnel

Windows Server

  • Exchange Server
    — Full setup and migration– Certificate installation and management

    — Organizational policies

    — Advanced troubleshooting

  • Domain Controller– Full setup and migration

    — Organizational policies

    — Advanced troubleshooting

    — DNS setup and management

  • DHCP server– Full setup

    — Advanced troubleshooting


  • Setup of backup software
  • Backup set creation
  • Scheduling
  • Notification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Restore files – ADVANCED

Switches and Routers

  • Basic switch setup including simple vlan creation (non VTP)
  • Basic layer 3 routing
  • Limited troubleshooting
  • DHCP scope creation and management


  • WCS / Wireless Controllers– Add Move Change
  • Standalone AP– Setup

    – Troubleshooting


  • Basic setup of 5505 and below (includes all Fortigate)– Simple VPN tunnel
  • VPN Clients– Simple NAT / Access list management

Virtual Servers – VMware and HyperV

  • Create new VM’s
  • Modify VM hardware settings
  • Resizing virtual disks
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • General understanding of virtualization technology


    Call Manager (and below)


  • Add Move Change
  • Phone connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Switch vlan setup for voice


Required Qualifications

  • Minimum three year Network Administrator level experience working as an outside support resource or two years relevant experience working as an internal support resource
  • Two-year degree, or active pursuit of a two-year degree
  • Current MCP certification with competency in Microsoft desktop Operating System software. Microsoft server Operating System certification required within the first three months of employment:– Windows 2008/2008 R2 Server

    — Windows Vista/7

  • CompTIA certifications are a plus
  • Firm understanding of networking principles:– Client Server networking

    — TCP/IP: Routing, DNS, WINS, DHCP, the Internet

    — Switching

  • Knowledge of CAT5 wiring
  • Firm knowledge of wireless security and wireless client configuration
  • Knowledge of Active Directory– Ability to describe in basic detail applications of Group Policy
  • Firm understanding of network firewalling/security technology– NAT

    — Port mapping

    — Access-lists

  • Firm knowledge of server maintenance tasks:– Backup software monitoring and troubleshooting

    — Disk defragmentation

    — Event log review

    — Hardware monitoring tool review

  • Corporate antivirus software experience. Symantec Endpoint Protection preferred
  • Spyware removal
  • Troubleshooting fundamentals– Ability to break problems down and use a logical process of elimination
  • Firm understanding of server and desktop hardware– Ability to diagnose hardware problems

    — Understanding of different RAID levels

    — Familiarity with server and desktop hardware diagnostic tools

  • Firm understanding of mobile device configurations and support
  • Ability to follow complex detailed instructions to accomplish more complex tasks. Example: Small Business Server initial configuration


  • Case closure volume
  • Time & escalation
  • Teamwork and mentoring

To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Business Ethics: Treats people with respect, keeps commitments, inspires the trust of others, works with integrity and ethically, and upholds organizational values.
  • Communications: Expresses thoughts clearly in written form, articulates verbal thoughts understandably, demonstrates active listening skills, comprehends information heard, uses appropriate communication methods, and keeps others informed.
  • Conflict Resolution: Maintains calm under pressure, encourages respectful dialogue, confronts difficult situations without bias, acts within realistic timeframe for resolution, and resolves conflicts through fair negotiation.
  • Consistency: Follows through as promised, confirms people know each other’s expectations, arrives to and completes meetings on time, meets with direct reports in-person regularly, and changes decisions rarely.
  • Cost Consciousness: Saves money without lowering quality of service, performs within approved budget, conserves company and customer resources, develops profitable new revenue streams, and identifies new ways to lower costs.
  • Teamwork: Contributes to a positive team effort, balances team and individual responsibilities, listens attentively and openly to others’ views, gives and sincerely accepts feedback, helps the team stay focused on key objectives, resolves team conflict before it escalates, and places the team’s success above own interests.

If you would like to apply, please send your resume to